Managing your scholarship is our business

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Unigo is proud to have helped a wide variety of organizations from non-profit foundations to schools and corporations. Every organization is unique, and so is every scholarship. That’s why we customize a bespoke solution for each organization’s individual needs.

As our partners will tell you, whether you are offering a scholarship for your employees or opening one for all high school seniors across the U.S, the process doesn’t have to be cumbersome or resource intensive. We’re here to do the heavy lifting including. Unigo can do any or all of the following activities . . .

  • Creating your application
  • Writing terms & conditions
  • Publicizing your scholarship
  • Objectively evaluating applications
  • Communicating with and verifying winners
  • Disbursing funds directly to schools

Managing your scholarship is our business

Partner Spotlight

Scholarship Partner Spotlight

A couple of years ago Urban Outfitters came to Unigo looking for a scholarship partner. With their core demographic of high school and college age students, they wanted to find a way to give back. Together Urban Outfitters, FujiFilm, Edvisors and Unigo created a Back to School Scholarship.

We maximized a student’s chances of winning by giving away 50+ prizes, including $20,000 in college scholarships and FujiFilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printers. Together we drove thousands of scholarship entries with banner ads, contextual ads, email, social media and offer walls. With proper consent and marketing releases secured, these applications became new contacts in Urban Outfitters database.

The scholarship was a true collaboration – UrbanOutfitters developed the creative assets while Unigo created the application and rules. Together Urban Outfitters, Unigo and Edvisors created a 360o marketing plan across
email, display, social media, scholarship aggregators and in store.

Inspired by last year’s success, Urban Outfitters is about to open their 2021 scholarship!

Working with Unigo & Edvisors on a Back to School College Scholarship was such a positive and seamless experience. They handled everything and made the process from concept through execution one that we look forward to recreating in coming years. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership.”

Employee Scholarships

Did you know that companies are using scholarships for employees and dependents of employees as retention tools? That’s right, scholarships can increase your team’s dedication and give them a good reason to stay with your company even longer. Unigo can help your company launch the right scholarship for your employees. Together we will create the requirements for application, terms & conditions, advise on scholarship dollar amounts and rules of engagement.

Just this year, we’ve launched employee scholarships with rules that include:

  • The amount of time an employee must be on the job before applying
  • Employee performance requirements
  • Renewable scholarship prizes as long as the employee is in good standing with the company
  • The ability to reapply every year you are in school

And we’ve developed strategies:

  • To ensure that every employee regardless of hourly or salaried and job level has a fair and equal chance of winning
  • To award diversity, STEM majors, women and a lot more

We’d be happy to share some of our tips and tricks, and even give you a few references to talk with.


We started working with Eileen from Unigo last year and we’re super impressed. She helped us with our scholarship goals every step of the way. We were impressed by the number of applicants we received. They did such a great job we decided to offer another scholarship again this year.”

-Dixie Belle Paint Company, CMO

Unigo made it so easy to set up a scholarship. The price was great and we got all the guidance we needed.”

-Velocity Consulting, Managing Director

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